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We are facing global threads and the time we live in is unstable and scary. Unfortunately it's also now, when we find out if we make it as an interconnected civilisation and overcome our crisis or not.

A lot of the global issues are driven by societal patterns and behaviours originating from unresolved pain and conflict. I want to show the world that this is not how it has to be. Why is everyone is so busy avoiding their core pain through compensating? How can it be that so many of us ignore the bigger issues activeley upholding the interwoven social structures and suppression?
We need to help each other to break these blockades down and resolve, so we can focus the attention on the crucial issues, the trace of destruction our behaviour has had on the world so far. We need to become the garbage men of the past societies and rebuild it in order to create a habitable and sustainable world for our future.
The earth is in trauma and we need people that dedicate energy to heal and care for the full organism to recover. I want to find new ways to do so and people who case as much as I do. I want to be in the front with creatives, innovators and therapists, finding solutions and creating them. It's a huge project and I can't take it alone, but I am here, available to collaborate, exchange, support and grow.
We need a network to unfold full potential, minds which work alike and resources to explore possibilities. Interconnect our worlds and bring it to a peaceful place.


I want to work on solutions to reunite and heal this world. I want to create responsible art which questions and disarms toxic traces. My work is post industrialistic, ephemeral, using waste, found objects and organic matter. I'm passionate about picking up scraps rejected by society, giving them new purpose by transforming them.


I'm a trauma survivor so I know what it means to rebuild from shatters. I've been working in many creative industries, but I have never found the place I belong, as many avoid the most important issues around care and sustainability. If we keep focusing on what divides us and compete against each other to better products and lower costs the solutions move away.

My passions have always been in design and art as well as finding solutions that not only sustain but actually clean and heal issues so I consider myself an artistic healer. I use whatever medium makes sense in the moment, which makes me highly adaptive. The way I work is playful and with a lot of joy and curiosity. The world is my playground, while respecting its boundaries and trying to leave it better than I found it.

My project or activity is hard to define, because it isn't a final product, it has no beginning or end. It rejects the capitalistic idea of a product.

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